Oz Medicann

A patient-centric medicinal cannabis healthcare company with a core focus on improving patient access and the development of effective medicinal cannabis solutions for a variety of medical conditions

Oz Medicann Pty Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of the Oz Medicann Group with a core focus on the improvement of patient access to high-quality medicinal cannabis solutions for a variety of medical conditions.

At Oz Medicann we adopt an integrated approach to delivering quality outcomes for our patients and have designed our activities around three core streams:

Research – We have established major partnerships with a number of research institutes and universities who specialise in science, medicine and agriculture. We are currently contributing to and participating in collaborative research projects.

Our Chief Scientist will lead our research agenda and work with our partners to enable and support research activities which focus on developing patient focused solutions which are underpinned by genetic testing and deliver evidence-based outcomes.

Cultivation – Oz Medicann’s vision is to be a leading Australian cultivator for both local and international markets. We are dedicated to bringing together the science of medicinal cannabis and the business of agriculture to improve cultivation techniques and technology to maximise quality and create a sustainable environment.

Manufacturing and distribution- At Oz Medicann we believe that collaborative partnerships and sharing resources is key to maximising the benefits for the industry, patients and consumers and the environment. As such we will develop partnerships with like-minded organisations to manufacture and distribute our products.